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Ancient Rythulian Glyphs

The Rythulians were a presumably cloth-based race of humanoids in Journey. The Traveler is Rythulian.


The Mountain was the center of the Rythulian civilization

The Rythulians' history is recounted through the Ancient Glyphs: At the dawn of time, the Rythulians were born of the magical powers of the stars. The world at this stage was lush and blooming, with trees covering the surface and birds soaring through the skies. At this time the Rythulians discovered a magical cloth-based species that reacted to their presence. Harnessing the power of these creatures, the Rythulians built a vast and prosperous civilization based around a giant mountain, which peak was directly connected to the stars, and was a possibly holy place for the Rythulians. The Rythulians' art and architecture was centered around diagonal shapes, similar to real-life American Indian embroderies. The Rythulians had a language based on musical tones. They also had a glyph-based written language, each glyph presumably representing a different musical tone.

After an unknown amount of time, the cloth creatures, which were vital to power the Rythulians civilization, started to disappear, possibly because of the Rythulians overuse and corruption of them. As a result of the shortage of cloth creatures, the Rythulians fell into a state of civil war, with several factions fighting each other over the remaining cloth creatures. Using massive weapons of war known as Guardians, the Rythulian species virtually wiped itself out through destructive war. In an ensuing cataclysm, their entire civilization was covered in desert. Only two groups of the species survived: a larger, white cloaked, presumably elder group that resides near the peak, and a smaller red robed group known as the Travelers.


The Rythulians seemed to be covered by—if not completely made up of—cloth. They had seemingly no arms and also seemed to vary greatly in size, though all had the same general shape of a robed figure with two glowing eyes. Originally it seemed that all Rythulians wore white robes, but later, after the near-annihilation of the species, some seemed to have evolved into smaller figures wearing red robes. The red robes have a similar color to the Cloth Creatures, so it is possible that these Rythulians lived in a closer symbiosis with them.



  • The concept art for the Rythulians shows them being much more like humans, with arms and heavier, stronger bodies.