The Mysterious Creature

The Mysterious Creature is the player's character in thatgamecompany's first game, flOw. The Mysterious Creature appears to be a multi-segmented worm and its natural habitat is an underwater one. The creature consumes other aquatic animals in order to grow. 

In Journey

After you have completely filled the entire temple up with fog, sink down to the bottom and enter the lowest area in the middle column. Here you will encounter The Mysterious Creature. There is also a second mysterious creature. To locate this, like the first one, you need to completely fill the temple with fog. Instead of going to where the first creature is, go into the room with an Ancient Glyph and a Glowing Symbol. Search behind the cloth to find  the other creature.



  • Locating either of The Mysterious Creatures will reward the player with the Ancestor Trophy.
  • There is a theory stating that the world of Journey and Flow are one in the same. If the body of water The Mysterious Creature inhabited in Flow eventually dried out it would leave a desert, this desert could be the location that the ancient civilization in Journey is built upon. This would explain The Mysterious Creatures' presence in Journey. However this is purely speculation. 
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