A glowing symbol

In Journey, the player can find glowing symbols throughout the game that allow for their scarves to grow and allow the player to fly for a longer period of time.

There are 21 glowing symbols in total to collect in order to receive the Transcendence trophy, and allow for the player to play with the White Robe.

Glowing Symbol Locations

The Beginning

1. The first symbol the player comes across-this creates their scarf.
2. In the hub area (right before the end of the level), check the right side to find a symbol on top of a pillar. This symbol can also be acessed later from the Chapter Select area when the player completes the game.
3. On the rocky tower in the hub area, this symbol is hidden on the left side. Follow a trail of rocks to find it, or simply fly up if you have the energy.

The Bridge

4. Due west from bridge start point. Near rocks.
5. West side of the bridge end, hidden in a rocky alcove.
6. Above the sand waterfall North East of bridge, a secret glyph is hidden behind sand waterfall below glowing symbol.

The Desert

7. Go north over two dunes, then go north-west. On a tower.
8. South-east corner of The Desert. At the start of level turn to your right and head due east.
9. North-east section of The Desert.
10. Top of the tower at the end of the level. Around to the left.

The Descent

11. On the first downhill, behind the first tower and at the end of broken bridge.
12. Right as you drop into the first space with the ribbons, you will see an alcove above the waterfall. Either angle yourself while falling or fly up to land on it and find the second glyph.
13. Second downhill section. Stick to middle (go thru the 3 arches) move slightly to the left of tower and use rock ramp to jump crevasse heading north east. Will probably take a few tries to get it right.

The Tunnels

14. Inside a pipe jutting upward.
15. Inside criss-crossing pipes behind, and kind of hidden by, the kelp-like cloth.
16. In the room with the jellyfish, on top of the highest one.
17. Back left side of the second room patrolled by Guardians.

The Temple

18. Left side of the central pillar after first glyph activated chamber is opened
19. Right side of the room, behind a latticework covered "verandah", after second glyph chamber is opened.
20. Behind the first cloth banner to the left in room where the cloth whale emerges from. After third glyph chamber is opened
21. Inside the central pillar, a few levels from the top. Also after third glyph chamber.



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